The Best Summer Job

Summer Camp Counselor Jobs at Camp Skyline for Girls — The BEST summer jobs for college students!

Come work at Camp Skyline this summer

Don’t waste your summer inside doing something boring. Discover the life you were meant for!

  • Escape the stress and routine of everyday life and do something meaningful
  • Enjoy an unforgettable summer experience making a difference in the lives of others
  • Joining the Skyline family allows you the time to have personal growth while impacting others

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Why Work at Skyline?

Camp Skyline is a special place where young women find direction in life as they live in a supportive community. Come to Skyline and grow in God, relationship, and self.


Find real heroes. Connect with our community of spiritually strong women — heroes who will inspire you to be your best self.


Develop your gifts. You were made with a purpose — Skyline will help you grow and know your purpose.


Live with purpose. As Christians, we are called to serve and love one another.

When you know your purpose, you’ll feel confident in your future.

There are only so many years left to have a summer job. Claim your best summers ever before it’s too late! Join the Skyline staff and start living your life with purpose.

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This summer can totally transform your life — daily mentoring, intentional conversations, a loving community, endless opportunities for service. See what it’s like to be a summer camp counselor.

When you’re ready, complete the form below so we can connect and learn more about each other. We want to know the real you, what you dream about for your future, and what challenges you’re facing.