Summer Camp
Caving, Survival, & Rappelling

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Caving Survival and Rappelling Job Qualifications

  • Must be available for pre camp training
  • Be willing to work hard and help carry gear
  • Must be in good physical condition
  • Cannot be claustrophobic

Caving, Survival, and Rappelling

Job Description

As a counselor for our Caving, Survival and Rappelling class, you’ll get to experience views and accomplishments that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s rappelling off the top of Lookout Mountain or spending all day, having lunch underground exploring the depths of caves, you won’t find a better work environment than this. As a counselor, your role will be to assist the class leader in instruction of climbing and rappelling techniques, proper caving techniques and demonstration of survival skills during the classroom days. This will include being able to correctly identify and tie different knots, fire starting without matches, water collection and purification and wilderness orienteering.

You will be working with girls ranging 7th through 11th grade. You will also be a cabin counselor, living with girls and other camp counselors.

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Counselor Job Duties

  • Assist class leader in teaching safety procedures of climbing and rappelling
  • Safely lead and monitor rappelling and caving trips
  • Teach campers to correctly perform changeover technique while on rope
  • Assist in pre and post trip packing and cleaning of gear

Caving, Survival, and Rappelling FAQs

Important Things to Know

Will I get paid?

The salary is competitive and there is a $400 bonus for those who stay all summer. Unlike other summer jobs where you immediately spend the money you earn, summer camp staff are able to save their summer salary.

Do I get time-off?

Counselors take off two nights per week and a day and a half between sessions. In addition, counselors have a free period for an hour each activity day. We have a counselor den for our counselors to relax, use their phones and computers during this time.

Are there any other benefits?

Housing and meals eaten at camp are free. Laundry service is provided twice a session. Your staff uniform shirts that are worn on opening and closing day are free. You can use many camp facilities during your free time, as long as it does not take away from a class or camper.

When do I need to be available and for how long?

We require all of our staff to attend staff orientation which is typically the last week in May and into the first week in June. We strongly encourage Senior Counselors to work the entire summer which is 8 weeks and will accept Senior Counselors to work 4 consecutive weeks. All Junior Counselors must work 4 consecutive weeks.

What is the community like?

We call our community the camp bubble. We strive to put Christ first in everything we do and talk about Him daily. While it may be hard to be a Christian in the “real world”, it’s cool to be a Christian at camp. The administration will pour into you and your walk with Christ during your time here.

Where will I live?

Every counselor lives in a cabin with 10-16 campers and 2-3 other staff members. You’ll love the energy and excitment of cabin life. You can see what the cabins look like on Camp Skyline’s Cabins and Crossing the River pages.

We’re Hiring!

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