Why Work at Our Christian Summer Camp?

Camp Is FUN

It’s summer camp, and there are LOTS of fun things going on. Visit the Camp Skyline website to see what kids get to do at summer camp, then imagine the fun of teaching them!

New Adventures

Don’t blow your summers working dead-end jobs. Come to the mountains of Alabama and experience life outdoors in the sun.

Build Your Resumé

Yes, camp looks good on your resumé. Why? Because it’s hard work, you have to be responsible, learn how to overcome challenges, and be a mature adult.

Too many college students waste their summers in meaningless jobs inside. Why waste the best summers of your life doing something you hate?

At Camp Skyline, we offer you the opportunity to join a fun group of young Christian women, enjoy amazing outdoor activities, and make a lifelong impact on the lives of our campers.

Wondering how you can get a job at our summer camp?

  1. Fill out a short form and connect with us so we can learn more about each other.
  2. We will schedule a quick conversation with you to discuss all of our summer opportunities at Skyline.
  3. Start the application process.

There are only so many years left to have a summer job. Claim your best summers ever before it’s too late!

Joining the Skyline family allows you the time to experience personal growth while impacting others. You’ll become a part of a like-minded community that will support you past the last day of summer and into your future career. You’ll experience the beauty of the mountains and enjoy campfires under the stars. Skyline will be one of the greatest life changing experiences if you’re up for the adventure.

We’re only able to accept a limited number of counselors this summer. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to have a life-changing experience.

We’re Hiring!

Come work at Camp Skyline this summer. Please fill out the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you.

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The salary is competitive and there is a $400 bonus for those who stay all summer. Unlike other summer jobs where you immediately spend the money you earn, summer camp staff are able to save their summer salary since housing and meals are provided while you are at camp. Laundry service is also provided twice a session.

"Learning to work and live with campers and counselors from different walks of life prepared me for relationships with all kinds of people. Camp gave me great communication skills, people skills, problem solving abilities and a self-identity in Christ."

Free Time

Counselors take off two nights per week and a day and a half between sessions. In addition, counselors have a free period for an hour each activity day. We have a counselor den for our counselors to relax, use their phones and computers during this time.

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